Name :   J.P Meng
Year :   
Comment :   
Name :   tb
Year :   whenever
Comment :   160 days, loved the 2004 clip of western oregon punter
Name :   Joe Schmelzer (Sideline Scam)
Year :   1992
Comment :   Go Boxers!!
Name :   LaRosa
Year :   92-95
Comment :   Outstanding site!
Name :   Todd MacClanathan
Year :   1989
Comment :   Glad to be part of such a strong and proud tradition. Keep up the great work!
Name :   wildcat11
Year :   
Comment :   Pete, Would love to hear from you and see what I could do to help. e-mail me at
Name :   Pete Taylor
Year :   62 - 66
Comment :   I wrote a piece about the 1965-66 football team that was recently put into the Hall of Fame. I wanted to get it to others on the team, but dont know how to contact them. I think it would be good reading for them...Pete
Name :   Gary Hinchman
Year :   1981
Comment :   Cant wait to see the cast we will have to view this year. Keep it all cats. See you an your dad at the tailgate. Thanks for all your hard work.
Name :   D. Kemper
Year :   90
Comment :   Great Website. Needs more D-End highlights and some commentary on the legendary coaching of Chris Casey. Overall, Nicely Done!
Name :   David Howard Ford
Year :   
Comment :   Looking at Football! Thanks
Name :   cheap shot
Year :   1968 1972
Comment :   Excellent effort WC 11 - Its the good DNA
Name :   Dennis Anderson
Year :   1958
Comment :   You are doing a fabulous job. It is very much appreciated. Did you actually play in the Alumni game? I chickened out; watched Beavers (coached by Catdome alumni) instead.
Name :   Dennis Anderson
Year :   1954
Comment :   Member of the second-to-last losing team, BUT also the guy who discovered and did the initial research on The Streak.
Name :   Wildcat11
Year :   
Comment :   Sorry Jennifer about the billboard! Thats a good story and I guess I should take it as a compliment that I fooled some folks! Go Cats!
Name :   Ron August
Year :   64
Comment :   LOVE THE CATS
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